26 november 2017
Teatro Sperimentale, Ancona
Duo con Andrea Rebaudengo
“Songs for Viola and Piano“

17 Dicember 2017
Spazio Teatro89, Milano
Duo con Andrea Rebaudengo
Lieder di Schumann und Brahms
Spettri per l´Europa di Carlo Galante (dedicated for our Duo)
Sonata di Dmitri Schostakowitsch op.147

19 March 2018
Bologna Teatro Manzoni “Musica Insieme“
Trio con Andrea Rebaudengo and Christina Zavalloni
Charles Martin Loeffler, Igor Strawinsky, Paolo Marzocchi e Johannes Brahms

28 March 2018
Pistoia Orchestra Leonore
Concert with Isabelle Faust and Orchestra Leonore
W.A Mozart Sinfonia Concertante

12 Aprile 2018
Livorno Teatro Goldoni
Duo con Andrea Rebaudengo
“Songs for Viola and Piano“

4 Aprile 2018
Schwetzinger Festspiele
Chamber music with Antje Weithaas, Tobias Feldmann, Dénes Várjon and Bruno Philippe Anton Webern, Bela Bartok and Johannes Brahms

Festival Trame Sonore Mantova 2018
From 30.5-03.06.2018. Exact dates are not fixed yet

July-August 2018
there will be different concert dates with the Oktett of Franz Schubert which was recorded by Harmonia Mundi with classical instruments.
Isabelle Faust, Anne Katharina Schreiber, Danusha Waskiewicz, Kristin van der Goltz, James Munroe, Lorenzo Coppola, Javier Zafra and Teunis van der Zwart.
10 july Hindsgavl
13 july Povoa
5 august Gstaad
7 august Salzburg
9 august Menton

22 august 2018 at 12 o'clock at noon
Concert in the Dolomites in 2000 meters
Quartet with Isabelle Faust, Anne Katharina Schreiber, Danusha Waskiewicz and Kristin von der Goltz

12 september 2018
Berliner Philharmonie
Arnold Schönberg “Verklärte Nacht“

Isabelle Faust, Anne Katharina Schreiber violins
Antoine Tamestit, Danusha Waskiewicz viola
Jean-Guihen Queyras, Marie-Elisabeth Hecker, violoncello

21 october 2018
Quartet with Oboe and Stringtrio
Viola Wilmsen, oboe
Antje Weithaas, violin
Danusha Waskiewicz, viola
Julian Steckel, violoncello

Mozart, Beethoven, Britten and E.J.Moeran

7 november 2018
Kölner Philharmonie Schubertoktet

11 and 12 January 2019
Frankfurt a.d. Oder and Potsdam
Brandenburgisches Staatsorchester Frankfurt
Benjamin Yusupov “Viola Tango Rockkonzert“


Bologna 5-10 february