Quartetto Prometeo

“Quartetto Prometeo plays with special and poetic feeling, their penetrating performance carefully enhances the details while never sacrifing the overall expansive musical design” Angelo Foletto, La Repubblica

“The Prometeo’s performances are muscular and full of drive, delivered with glowing confidence, astonishingly precise, full of wit and vibrant life…. high-definition performances that look deep inside the music” David Kettle, The Strad

Über die letzten Aufführungen:

Biennale Musica 2019: Le Salon Musical
Festival di Portogruaro: Giornale della Musica


Vom 23. November: Corso di Musica da Camera – Scuola di Perfezionamento Musicale di Portogruaro (Fondazione Santa Cecilia)

Offizielle Webseite: www.quartettoprometeo.com