Quartetto Prometeo


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“Quartetto Prometeo plays with special and poetic feeling, their penetrating performance carefully enhances the details while never sacrifing the overall expansive musical design” Angelo Foletto , La Repubblica

“The Prometeo’s performances are muscular and full of drive, delivered with glowing confidence, astonishingly precise, full of wit and vibrant life…. high-definition performances that look deep inside the music” David Kettle, The Strad


July 21

Quartetto Prometeo

Chigiana International Festival

Siena, Accademia Chigiana
Xenakis sestetto "Ittidra"
Gene Coleman quartetto prima esecuzione assoluta
Schubert n.15

July 21-26

Quartetto Prometeo

Corso di composizione col Maestro Salvatore Sciarrino

Siena, Accademia Chigiana

July 31

Quartetto Prometeo

Stenico, Castello di Stenico
Franz Joseph Haydn – Quartet op.20 n.4
Stefano Scodanibbio – Reinventions
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Quintet in c major K 515 with Lorenzo Bertoldi (viola)

August 2

Quartetto Prometeo


Brunnenburg, Tirol
Schubert quintetto con Enrico Bronzi

September 2

h. 21:00

Quartetto Prometeo

Festival Musicale di Portogruaro


October 20

Quartetto Prometeo


October 24

Quartetto Prometeo